Budget/Finance/Audit Committee

Committee Chair: Mary Jane Schroeder

Bryon Neaman
Jim Passey
David Richstone

Publications Committee

Download the Committee Charter

Publications Committee Chair: Mark Ruppert
Publications Committee Board Liaison:
Todd Havens

Editorial Board

Download the Committee Charter

Chair: Bob Michalski
Victor Blanchard
Mary Corbett
Samantha Frost
Alton Knight
Linda McKee
Joanna Rakers
Sridhar Ramamoorti
Mark Ruppert
Laura Sak-Castellano
Jared Soileau

New Perspectives
Kenneth Spence, Editor
Michael Fabrizius, Incoming Editor
Leslie Shiver, Managing Editor

e-News Subcommittee:

Chair: Jen Conley
Jill Baron
Darryl Rhames
Megan Schwarte
Heather Zundel

White Paper Subcommittee

Chair: Alan Henton
Mark Eddy
Linda McKee
Mark Ruppert
Debi Weatherford

Education Committee

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Education Co-Chair for Regional Seminars and CAE/Audit Roundtables: Open
Board Liaison for Regional Seminars and CAE/Audit Roundtables: Alicia Capps
Education Co-Chair for Remote Learning: Susan Smoger
Board Liaison for Remote Learning: Jennifer McGill
Regional Seminars Subcommittee Chair: Lorri Kissell
CAE Forums Subcommittee Chair: Amy Greenhoe
Tech Talk Subcommittee Chair: Paul Douglas
Christa Bergquist
John Lefter
Johan Lidros
Mary Potter
Chase Whitaker
EHR Auditor User Group – Epic Chair: Dieu Tran
Robert Damiano
Terry Follmer
Corey Marini
Deborah Radke
David Richstone
Mark Ruppert
Ian Sterrett
Webinars Subcommittee Chair: Russell Harder
Melissa Jolly
Eric Palmer
eLearning Development Subcommittee Chair: Susan Smoger
Heidi Crosby
Zuleikha Shakoor
Susan Walker
Chase Whitaker
Annual Conference Planning Subcommittee Chair: Debi Weatherford
Victor Blanchard
Alicia Capps
Linda McKee
Debra Muscio
Mary Jane Schroeder
Susan Thomas
Jackye Thompson

Membership & Awards Committee

Download the Committee Charter

Committee Chair: Barbara Winburn
Board Liaison: Tammy Rice
Jeff Binford
Carolyn Golden
Angelle Granier
Amy Greenhoe
Vickie Patterson
Mary Jane Schroeder
Mary Thomas

Nominating Committee

Committee Chair: David Richstone
Marianne Culich
Christy Decker
Mark Eddy

Professional Practices

Download the Committee Charter

Committee Chair: Jason McKinney
Board Liaison: Mary Jo Flynn
Lori R. Chapin
Rob Gentile
Carolyn Golden
Eric Palmer
Gurnam Rao
Victoria Tang